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Customer computers to be replaced in all Helsinki libraries

All Helsinki libraries will be replacing their customer computers with new ones at the beginning of 2023. The project covers the entire City of Helsinki.

In new service, most customer computers cannot be reserved in advance. However, some libraries allow their computers to be reserved at the

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In this service you can reserve computers at Helsinki City Library. Libraries also have queue-up computers, which cannot be reserved. Some libraries have also workspaces for various purposes. Note that a workspace doesn't necessarily have a computer with internet connection.

To use the service, you must first register at the library.

You can find help on most pages from the question mark at the upper right corner of the screen.

User instructions for the service


Advanced search

In advanced search you can define the type of computer and limit the desired length of time.

You can also search for computers with additional features, like a scanner or Cyrillic keyboard

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